I am totally blown away

"I am totally blown away by what you can do! The order confirmation email with the banner and order description looks so professional! I love it! Also, the payment notification I will receive is fantastic. It has all the information I will need. You are truly gifted! I love how you weave technology, creativity and beauty together to create a functional work of art."

With sincere gratitude

Suzanne ♥ Suzanne Ross Wellness


A pleasure to work with

"Evelyn is a pleasure to work with. Very few people have the patience, technical know how and the professionalism to make what a business owner wants into reality.Evelyn has all of that and more - she has helped me with my websites and technological challenges and I am clear she will help you as well."
Sunil Bhaskaran, CEO, Cahaya Mind, LLC

Evelyn is my Go-To person

Evelyn is my go to person for my tough technical issues and has been for the last two years. I've never been able to stump her. She has it figured out almost before I'm done explaining it. Things that seem hopeless to me are easy for her, and she works so quickly. When it's been important for me to understand how something works, she's always able to explain it to me, so that I get it. She brings a lot of heart, patience, and kindness to her work, which I deeply appreciate.

You Rock!

You have my head just racing with possible ideas

I had to rush off to a meeting after talking to you so haven't really had a chance to process our call but I certainly do feel very inspired to think way beyond where I thought I was heading professionally. 
And I am very excited about the endless possibilities that I had never thought about before. It will be so much fun to play and explore in this new energy that you opened for me. I feel like a kid who just discovered something new.

You have my head just racing with possible ideas. 
So great to feel revved up. Haven't felt like this in a long time. 
Thank you, thank you.
Ontario, Canada


She Has Empowered Me

"Evelyn has had the patience and wisdom of Solomon, as she has walked me through what it takes to begin building my own website. With loving patience she has empowered me to turn creative ideas into online content. What a thrill it is to take a picture and have the picture with written content published online in less than half an hour. Wow! I love it, and hope that all women in business can learn to become the powerful online communicators they are longing to be. Evelyn certainly knows the necessary steps to get us there."

Mary Saraswati Kieran Owner of Dolce Vita Consulting


I Am Breathing Again

"I am so happy to say in just two meetings with Evelyn I am breathing again knowing I have someone who has my back when it comes to this daunting technical world. Believe me, I have searched far and wide to find someone like her who is so much more than a “computer genius”!
She holds the space flawlessly as I stretch my “right brain” thinking to fit comfortably in the scary world of the internet. She has given me the confidence to enter this foreign country without knowing the language."

Barbara Mariano Sacramento, CA

I Felt Overwhelmed

"I found Evelyn to be such a great help to me. In my old job, I'd been used to an in house team who could sort out any of my technical problems. Now I am running my own business, I felt overwhelmed by the back-end of my website and felt totally unable to sort it out on my own. After explaining a little about the problem on e mail, Evelyn sent me some information in advance, and then calmly talked me through the options available to me.
Just having someone there who knew what they were doing instantly made me feel better and I was able to finish off what she'd started. I would never have been able to do it without her! Her calm, helpful friendly manner was fantastic and I'd very happily recommend her to anyone looking for some technical help."

Lisa - UK www.lisadorey.com

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She is an invaluable resource

I would highly recommend working with Evelyn Fassett. Not only does she excel at problem solving in all areas of technology, but she is also a very skilled and patient teacher and trainer. She is an invaluable resource for small business owners, whether they need a few hours of social media or website troubleshooting or consistent ongoing help. Her friendliness and approachable nature combined with her top-notch technical skills will make Evelyn your go-to resource for all your website development, social media, and marketing needs.

Rachel Arst McCullough Owner at McCullough Web Services
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She just got it done

I was looking for someone who could handle my issues and had done it before. I had a tight deadline. I was panicking. My first impression when we spoke was that Evelyn was very calming. Even the tone of her voice was relaxing. I chose Evelyn because she sounded the most credible of any of the people I interviewed. She had done it before and she listened. I had to make a choice so I chose her.
When we first started to work together I gave her all my passwords and she started working. She just took it over and I didn't really need to oversee it. She just got it done.
I felt relief when I saw the website coming together. It felt like a huge question mark had been lifted off my shoulders.
I was able to create about $50,000 extra because we completed this project.
I expect this website will generate at least $1,000,000 in future business.
Knowing that I have someone to call when sh%t hits the fan is a huge weight off my shoulders.
Having a website that can scale means I can distribute the product to thousands of people, all over the world at any moment. It means people can be trained while I sleep.

Bryan Kreuzberger CEO at Someway Media LLC

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Evelyn came to our rescue

After four other developers had bailed or failed to implement the redesign for our 378-page demo, Evelyn came to our rescue and completed the job in a superlative fashion. She suggested some terrific design touches and cranked out a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. Evelyn is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, talented, and super-easy to work with. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jim Burnett Founder, ExpertOpinions.info

I so appreciated her style of working

I came to Evelyn tense and nervous about creating a website, something that I had been stalling on for a long time. I am not technologically savvy and was overwhelmed at the thought of the project. Evelyn was a great support and driving force helping me to create a website that I love. Not only did I get a website that I like very much, but an education about how it works, the capacity to work it, and an education about social media and other important interfaces. Evelyn shares her wealth of information about internet technology generously and patiently, something that is a rare gift. I came a long way in the process thanks to her kind patience. I so appreciated her style of working which supported a co-creative process between the two of us helping me to unearth my artistic vision for the site. Evelyn was patient with my technological illiteracy, insecurities, and emotional upsets throughout the process and continues to be a kind and stable support.

Priya Owner of Women in Full Bloom


Working with Evelyn is amazing

"I had been doing a lot of the legwork for my website over the last 2 years, and as my business has grown, I needed a better website. Looking at trying to do this again by myself was paralyzing, but with Evelyn's help, changes that I thought were so overwhelming were made easily. She gives me freedom when I wanted it, and doesn't give me a hard time when I come back with issues I have encountered and am not sure how to fix. She is always very accessible & lovely to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with her!"

Rachael L. Webb LAc, Owner of Lucent Alchemy

Meredith Cahn

I am so grateful!

Dear Evelyn,
I can't thank you enough for your miracle hands behind the scenes to get my website up and running after it had disappeared from view, within an hour of our first contact. After calling everyone I could think to call, I am grateful to Rachel McCullough for linking us together. Not only did the website re-materialize in what seemed like moments (in what is still a mystery to me), you did it with grace, efficiency and kindness, not making me feel like a tech idiot.

And then as we started to do the work of improving what was there, you were again, quick, thoughtful, anticipated my needs or concerns and made the site much more functional for someone like me, who just wants it to work.

This was money well spent and I am glad I know where to find you should the need ever arise, or if I just want to spruce things up.

I am so grateful! And I will be sharing your name with whoever asks me for such a referral!

Rabbi Meredith Cahn